Funky and Fun

I spotted an interesting interior the other day on Instagram and since I was already going to be in the Canal Saint-Martin area, I wanted to check it out. It’s a huge place, maybe a former factory or storage unit called the Comptoir General, found behind a wall down a long walk way to the entrance. It’s full of old shabby (non)Chic furniture, lots of plants and antiques and has a Caribbean vibe going on along with happy music. There were two bars, a coffee bar and even a grounded ship.I think they serve caribbean food but I forgot to look at the menu. I wish I had known about this place when my grandson had visited as it was full of young people wandering around taking photos with the iPhones, probably for Instagram too.

The entry.

Did Hemingway write a novel here?

A huge room full of comfy furniture.

Here is the “ship” made into a bar.

Good lighting from the other direction down the hall.

Closeup of the mermaid on the ship.
There was a very nice guy who worked there making the coffee drinks and, when he heard it was my birthday, he gave me a free hot chocolate and even put my age on the top in the decorative foam and didn’t even blink when I told him I was 48.

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  1. You know how in French 70 is 60-10 and 90 is 80-10? Well, I decided that the year after 49 should be 40-10. Why not.
    This place has a certain groove to it. I used to tango in a joint like this. Same kind of brocante deco. The first time, the cab driver was going to wait to be sure I was in the right place–it was a former factory in a dicey neighborhood. Turned out fine.

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