Five Days in Rome

Maurice and I love watching tennis and have traveled to see many tournaments. One of the tournaments that we see on TV every year is in Rome, the Rome Open, and it looks like such a beautiful setting that we decided to make the short trip (from Paris) to Rome to see some of it. I had been in Rome many years ago. I was by myself with two of my children driving all over with no GPS, just a guide book, finding hotels by driving around a city with my kids being my copilot. I don’t remember much of Rome for some reason-just a big rain storm and getting lost on a bus going in the wrong direction and some of the monuments. We met with my ex later in Venice. Anyway,this time it felt like our first time there. We got lost constantly, especially when trying to find our hotel. I learned to use the GPS function on my cell phone which gives you a map of where you are and at the end of the five days, we had our section of Rome pretty much figured out. Our hotel was in the part of Rome which is near Piazza Navona, central to most of what we wanted to see.

Castle San Angelo. We never made it there, just saw it from a distance.

As in all old city centers, there are many alleys and courtyards.

Beautiful painted buildings.

Those lovely Italian colored buildings.

God didn’t help this nun find her way either. I hope her map did.

We took one of those Hop On, Hop Off buses around Rome to see the major sites. This is, of course, the Coloseum. We had both visited this before so this was the closest we got.

More modern architecture.

Many corners, high above, had religious symbols and paintings.

3 thoughts to “Five Days in Rome”

  1. Glad you had a great time. I LOVE Rome. Our apartment there was just at the other end of the bridge in your picture – a really great location, just off a pedestrian-only street leading to Plazza Navona. Your pictures are terrific and bring back lots of wonderful memories.

  2. Linda, You are very brave to drive in Rome. Your photos find hidden corners, of course, with your focus on the beauty of Rome.
    I was in Rome only once and I caught a stomach bug on the morning we were to visit the Vatican. I guess that is still on my list.
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

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