This and That in Rome

Here are just a few of the many photos I took in Rome:

The dome of the Pantheon.

We visited the Trevi Fountain along with thousands of other people and threw in a coin. I could be wrong but there seemed to be a lot more tourists in Rome than I see in Paris.

Near the Spanish Steps (under renovation) is this, the sunken boat fountain.

The strap on my purse broke (I keep too much in my purse, I think) and after looking up the word for shoe repair-calzolaio-and asking at our hotel for the closest one which, it turned out were just sort of general directions and wandering around a bit, we found it. This nice man fixed it on this old trundle sewing machine in two minutes for five Euros. It was nice to see a craftsman at work.

At the end of an ordinary courtyard.

This was in the side chapel at the cathedral in Trastevere, a funky section of Rome across the Tiber River. I can’t find any info on it. Anyone out there know anything about it? I think it was on a tomb.

There serve a lot of pork in Rome, especially hams and charcuterie.

Just one of the many places to eat in Trastevere, a very lively part of Rome.

The Saint Louis Cathedral dedicated to King Louis VIX. It was full of beautiful mosaics.

The last photo I took on Piazza Navona. We had a little time to kill before our flight back to Paris and wandered over there. It was a fun place to sit and watch people. A couple from Norway was sitting next to us on a bench in front of an enormous fountain topped with an Egyptian obelisk and the man pointed out some of the symbols on it and said the Egyptians had had help from extraterrestrials in building their monuments. He said he and his wife had gone to England to see the crop circles also done by aliens, not as I told him, by joking farmers. Who knows?

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  1. Thanks for these great photos. We were in Rome 2 years ago at Christmas and stayed in Trastevere. We had a marvelous time, but like I told you before, I get weary remembering our visit because we walked so much! I’m glad the gentleman could fix your handbag.

    I broke my glasses while in Rome, and the kind Optician across the way from our apartment fixed them up expertly. And wouldn’t charge me! I stumbled in the dark on an uneven sidewalk and took a tumble; I think he felt sorry for me 🙂

    The Trevi fountain was under construction when we were visiting. We never even went near the Spanish Steps, but did enjoy Piazza Navona.

  2. Wonderful photos. They bring back some nice memories!
    I wonder whether the tourists in Rome are just more concentrated in a small area. I went dancing in the district where the Olympics were held decades ago and there were zero tourists. Statistically, Paris gets more tourists than Rome (#3 in the world; London is #1)

  3. Getting your purse repaired in that fashion is a nice memory. I broke the stem of my glasses in Antalya, Turkey and the optician fixed them for no charge. We had a nice chat about our two countries.

    We enjoyed Trastevere too, Did you happen to find that little bakery that makes traditional cookies? It’s not by the main square but not far from the bridge. So good!

    I’m with Paulita, those alien-theory folks are real nut-cases.

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