Mousse To Go!

I happened upon a shop with a friend on Rue du Bac called Chapon. It is a chocolate shop but with something to make it different: bowls of mousse sitting there to tempt you. You get it to go, either in a container to take home or in a little cup to eat right there.

It’s a little jewel box of a place.

There are bowls of chocolate candy to tempt you.

Here is the mousse. My, it was good.

We saw this place nearby too. It’s the café Pouchkine which is a Russian place selling Russian pastries.

Here’s a look at a few of them. Yum.

2 thoughts to “Mousse To Go!”

  1. Yum! Chapon is my kind of place. Fortunately, it’s far away from me so it remains eye-candy – with far fewer calories.

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