Art and Architecture

I’m a fan of most architecture, mostly the older kind. The pyramid at the Louvre has grown on me. For a month, an art installation is on it, sort of interesting.

Installation almost complete.

From the front.

Finished but I was there in the late afternoon and couldn’t get a photo without people in front of it.

Turn around and here is this architecture, a small Arch de Triomphe. Those Romans were so good at architecture which was copied here.

Parisian architecture up close, window from the early 1900’s.

One thought to “Art and Architecture”

  1. I love the old architecture in Europe in general and France in particular–from medieval, half-timbered houses to Renaissance chateaux to Belle Epoque maisons de maItre. Yet, I also like good modern architecture. Jean Nouvel’s Institute du Monde Arabe. Le Corbusier. And the Pyramid of the Louvre. It’s silly to try to copy a previous style. The Pyramid is simple and elegant without being another boring glass block.

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