Annecy Again

Maurice and I were married in a small village near Annecy so I always love to revisit. Maurice’s aunt and uncle live there too so we always go and see them.

Such a beautiful city.

Doesn’t the place on the look like a great place to eat? We didn’t eat there but at a place just across the canal.

I had this, tarteflette, made of potatoes, onions, bacon and cheese. It wasn’t very good as it was sort of premade with everything just dumped on the potatoes, not baked all together, plus, they forgot the onions. I ate it anyway.

The canal in the evening light. There’s a well known photo-op in the canal where it splits around an old prison but there was scaffolding on it this time.

Made made water fall but I still liked it.

The tower of the chateau there in the evening light.

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  1. Ordering tarteflette under the guise of “ensalade” [in Dinan when we first moved to France] and expecting some greens I was shocked to see what came to the table. Trying to cancel the steak I’d also ordered nearly caused a riot.

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