la Cigale

Have you ever heard of a city in France called Nantes? I hadn’t either until we got our beach place here on the Atlantic coast and then I would see directional signs for Nantes as we drove here and there. I saw something on the morning news-which I am posting about next-and wanted to see it in person so off we went. It’s two hours from our place. The old section of Nantes limits the amount of traffic in the old section and we had to have a code to enter to get our car up to our hotel to park. Our hotel turned out to be really great-the Oceania-on a gorgeous square and we happened upon la Cigale when it was time for lunch just a few steps from our hotel. The food was okay but the interior was fabulous. I’m a huge fan of Art Nouveau and this was built in 1895 right when it was becoming popular.

The view from our hotel view. That’s a theatre to the right.

One of the ceilings.

The view into the dining room.

Lots of stained glass.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (2)
Over the door into the kitchen.

I liked this portrait of a lady.

The symbol of the bistro. This place would have been torn down if it hadn’t been registered as a historic site.

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  1. we were taken there for dinner by French friends what a splendid place though the food was not great. don’t miss the animated Machines of the Isle of Nantes!!!

  2. What a beautiful restaurant…my kind of place. Thank heavens greater heads prevailed and it was saved for posterity. Even if the food weren’t great I would’t care I would be so enchanted by the decor.

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