Île Madame

We finally got around to visiting a very small island not far from us. It is reached by a natural path, a causeway, that can be covered in high tide so you always have to check the tide times. We waited for the appointed time and instead of walking over on the causeway, we slowly drove our car behind an RV and a carriage pulled by two horses. The island is mostly unpopulated. There is a farm there with a restaurant where we ate lunch. You can walk around the periphery of the island if you want, it’s that small. There’s not that much to see aside from some colorful fish cabins up on stilts, some with windows and decorations which made us wonder if people lived in them for short periods of time when the fish were biting.


There were sheep.

IMG_1122[1]Fences and weeds.

IMG_1124[1] The fishing shacks. Some food that attracts fish is put in the middle of the net which is then lowered into the water and pulled up if and when fish can be caught.

IMG_1128[1] I especially liked the color of this one.


A photo of a photo of the island from up above. I think it gets its name from a lady who once lived here but I can’t find the information again.

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