This and That at the Beach

Some places and things seen around here at the beach.

IMG_1161[1] A God’s Eye sunset.

IMG_1252[1] A very heavily decorated house near us. Shells and driftwood figures all of the place but I liked it.

IMG_1170[1] Sunrise, beach fence, sand and water.

IMG_1187[1] I bought a bouquet of these roses at our market. They may be what is call Japanese roses, I’m not sure.

IMG_1256[1] A cocktail on the terrace as the sun goes down.

IMG_1260[1] Some fruity ice tea at a new tea and coffee place on rue de Marche. Not enough ice-there never is in France-but very refreshing.

3 thoughts to “This and That at the Beach”

  1. I really do love your beach fence photos. I mean, I love so many of your photos, but there is something about the lines of the fence, sand, sea and sky that just grab me. And then with the touches of flowers, or people, they’re always different. This one is one of my favorites, and since I know nothing about photography, I have absolutely no idea why.

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