How You Know You Are in Paris

Besides the Eiffel Tower, there are signs all over the place that say, “Paris”:

img_1864 Here is a literal sign, one for the metro. So iconic.

img_1859 Medieval architecture popping up unexpectedly.

img_1863 Inviting restaurants. This one is Ralph Lauren. Expensive but I think I will try it one day, just not the fifty euro hamburger.

img_1846 Unexpected art here and there. This looks like the shadow of a tree but it’s painted on the side of a building. Wonder why?

4 thoughts to “How You Know You Are in Paris”

  1. Omg! The burger at Ralph Lauren’s in Chicago is a real bargain compared to the Paris one. Interesting building art. I certainly thought it was a shadow and that you came upon it at the opportune moment.

  2. I literally dream of Paris while looking at these foto’s ! I have my fingers ready to book a trip….but have to find a babysitter for my cats…mes petits chatons!

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