Last Sunday instead of doing our usual walk on Promenade Plantee which is near to us I talked Maurice into taking the metro and doing our walk in the Luxembourg Gardens. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the park was packed with joggers and it made a nice change.

img_1903 It’s locked overnight and is the home of the French Senate as you can see by this official looking building at the front of the park. There are guards everywhere too.

img_1905 This is a section of the Medici Fountain that I always stop at and take at least one photo.

img_1907 The flowers are always beautiful except in the dead of winter if it gets really cold.

img_1908 These famous green chairs are everywhere and used a lot.

img_1913 Autumn has arrived.

img_1915 There is a Statue of Liberty.

img_1919 The guy who rents sailboats for the pond wasn’t there but a lot of people, mostly men, had brought their own.

img_1920 Ready to sail.

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