A Special Church

In the Marais is a church I have been in many times. I was going to pass on by the other day but the main door was wide open so I decided to go in. It is Saint Paul Saint Louis Church and it is very special. It was built in the 1600’s and the Saint Louis that it refers to is King Louis IX, the only French king to become a saint. During the French Revolution it was turned into the Temple of Reason but restored to its Christian status in 1802.

img_2359 This is what you see when you enter.

img_2360 The dome over the altar. There is a sun at the very top in the middle, the symbol of the French kings.

img_2361 A pieta.

img_2362 You don’t often see chandeliers in a church. Very elegant.

img_2363 A very large painting by Delacroix.

img_2364 Stunning architecture.

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