One of the most popular villages in Alsace on the famous wine route is Riquewihr. It’s small with curving narrow streets lined with beautiful buildings and their Christmas decorations were fabulous. Riquewihr was Disneyland perfect and, of course, touristy, but charming to visit.

img_2524 Alsace is known for their storks and you can see one of their nest up on this church. No storks were in sight though as they migrate to Africa for the winter which is a good idea as the mornings when we were there had temperatures below freezing. My friend from Alsace says they are messy birds and make a lot of noise with their beaks. By the way, this photo was not taken in Riquewihr but Eguisheim.


Love the architecture and the color.

img_2559 More great color.

img_2587 There were many wonderful signs up above the streets.

img_2534 And, as expected, signs with storks.

img_2536 And I loved this window with corncobs hanging above.

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  1. Riquewihr!! I read your previous post about Alsace and would have written to say that while there I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t in Germany but I couldn’t remember how to spell the name of the village we stayed in, Riquewihr. It was magic in September even, though you could tell it would be great around Christmas,what with it’s Christmas shop, etc. I was in and out of that shop pdq, it’s not my thing. Loved returning to the village at the end of the day when most tourists had left, and loved our attic apartment. The morning croissants were definately French, delicious. Great memories, thanks.

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