What We Ate

As you might expect, the food is a bit different in the Alsace area with a bit of a German twist.

img_2404 This is choucroute which we can buy in Paris but I wanted to try it in the place of its origin. It’s all pork cuts. I am not a fan of fat so only eat the meaty parts but it is still very rich. I mostly enjoy the sausage which you can’t see on the other side. That is fried potato on the top but usually the potatoes are boiled and there is often carrot. It’s served on top of cabbage, sauerkraut really, but cooked in white wine. I only have this dish once a year because it is so rich and filling.

img_2428 Of course, there are pretzels (they are called bretzels here) for sale everywhere. This is a night shot so sort of dark. Sometimes they make them a dessert and dip them in chocolate or fill a softer version with eclair like fillings.

img_2446 Here are some with various fillings in the middle. I didn’t try any but they looked good to me.

img_2468 We had this dish several times, a sort of Alasian pizza called a Tarte Flambé on a very thin crust, white sauce, onions, lardons and cheese. It’s very good and not as filling as a pizza can be.

img_2443 There were lots of sweets made into the form of gingerbread men, and a lot of sweet spiced bread too.

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