High Line

The High Line in New York City, a reclaimed railroad track, is a very popular site. It’s full of tourists and locals walking high above the city getting great views of New York. I like the Promenade Plantée in Paris better, mainly because of the plants and flowers, but it is still unique and interesting.


A look at the walkway.


A glimpse of the Empire State Building. I saw the Statue of Liberty too.


I looked for some but never saw any.

image We did see this however. It was very lifelike and I wondered if it was a man but there was no movement. Art of a sort I guess.

image The setting sun.

image There was a Samsung store on the street below the High Line which was rather like an Apple store with people to help, products for sale, and even a cafe. They were promoting those new digital reality eyepieces. This was one being done down below on a stage. We tried one in special seats and “saw” elephants approaching, dinasaurs running, etc. Very cool.

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