Another Canyon

There is another, smaller, less well known canyon in Arizona called the Canyon de Chelly (pronounced shay for some reason) that is much less crowded than the Grand Canyon and much smaller. It’s worth going out of your way to see.

The road there from Flagstaff-lots of open country and long roads.

A look down at some of the rock formations in part of the canyon that reminded me of those we saw in Utah.

It’s kind of hard to see but at the bottom of this canyon wall is an old Indian ruin called the White House. There is also a ruin in the ledge above it. I wish we had walked down to see it but it was really windy and cold and we were a bit under the weather to boot.

 A look at the solid rock on the canyon at the top. It had rained earlier and there were puddles here and there.

This was called Spider Rock. While we were standing there a girl was telling her friends about the canyon. I think she was Navaho as she kept saying “my people”. A bird started flying around the rock formation and she said it was an eagle and that for “her people” it represented a grandfather and good luck and that they were rarely seen here. I tried to get in my photo but it was too far away.



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