Not far from Santa Fe is a little town called Chimayo which contains a popular religious shrine. We made the drive there on a sunny, chilly day to check it out.

A statue of Mary passed on the walk from the parking lot.

Lots of candles and rosaries every where.

The entry to the chapel. There weren’t many people around but I imagine it’s very different in the summer.

This is a statue of the Christ Child of Atocha. Note the children’s shoes put there as the statue has worn shoes each morning after pilgrimages to help others. I’m sure the Catholic Church is driven a little crazy by shrines like this popping up. There was also a hole full of “miraculous” dirt with many crutches left nearby after healings. So, what the heck, I took a tiny pinch and put some on Maurice and some on me-something healthwise was coming for me a week or so later. I will need all the help I can get.

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