Silver City

Most people haven’t heard of this small city in southern New Mexico. It has a pretty interesting history with Apache attacks, Billy the Kid, and it was founded as a mining town for silver explorations. I was born in Houston, Texas but raised here until junior high. We were in the area on our trip so made a stop to have a look.

Some sort of municipal building.

It looked liked the old town area was becoming an artist’s zone. There were lots of colorfully painted buildings on thr main street.

This former garage had been made into an art gallery.

I liked their lamp posts.

We had mexican food here for lunch. There was an older couple at the table next to us and I asked if they knew my aunt, the last of my Father’s family. They didn’t but when they heard where we were from, the lady started speaking fluent French. They had visited France a lot and were also from Louisiana. They had some sort of Cajun band there in Silver City.

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