Back in Paris

It seemed strange for a little while to be back in Paris after our wonderful month in Venice. The traffic sounds loud, the streets don’t seem as clean and there is just much more going on. But, hey, it’s Paris. I’m sure I’ll adjust.

Paris, and most of the rest of Europe got snow. This photo was taken from a doctor’s office.

This gives you an idea of just how much snow fell.

When we got back there was no food in our refrigerator, in fact, our refrigerator had stopped working and we had to buy a new one after only six years. So we headed out to a café in our neighbourhood which has this really great floor.

Maurice ordered this lamb dish. Doesn’t it look good? He really liked it.

A man working there was madly shucking oysters. I never saw him not doing so.

We went for a walk afterwards. I was really taken by the light.

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