Places and Faces

Thought I’d try a different title from This and That. A few photos all from the Montmartre area of Paris:

I’ve posted a photo before from this spot, one of the most Instagramed shots in Paris if you exclude the Eiffel Tower. It’s right above the Lamarck metro stop. Since I was there, I took it again.

They were having a fete celebrating Coquille Saint Jacques, or scallops. I got there when the place was heaving with people or I would have gotten some grilled scallops. Waiting in line behind 25 people is not for me so I went down the street and got a small quiche from a patisserie. These two ladies were selling books.

I posted some of the work by this artist not too long ago. Years ago I saw a photo he took from his apartment of someone taking a photo of his work in an alley in Montmartre. Back then he didn’t incorporate his hands. It is his real face which I guess he puts into plaster of Paris.

On the other side of the alley he has made himself a happy daisy.

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