Marais Architecture

On a Saturday with sun and rain said to be on the way, I got out to walk around the Marais. It is full of ancient architecture.

An old street sign back when names were carved into walls. The Marais is now in the fourth arrondissement, not the twelfth.

My favorite door.

There is a great castle there. It is undergoing renovation and I look forward to seeing the inside.

Inside what is called Village Saint Paul. It was once full of antique shops but only a few remain now.

The walkway to the street.

See the wooden shutter looking squares under the windows? There used to be little spaces behind these where people put their milk and other objects to keep cool before refrigerators. Our place has one that was open to the air and which we covered to keep out cold or heat or bugs. When we didn’t have a refrigerator for a week I was putting things out on our window ledge to keep them relatively cool.

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  1. So sorry to hear that most of the antique dealers have left Village Saint Paul. I loved to browse there. Maybe that was the problem – too many browsers, not enough buyers. It’s always a treat to see your photos of the Marais.

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