More Marais

There is more than just wonderful ancient architecture in the Marais. It’s a shopping and eating mecca too.

This used to be a nunnery, now a library.

I passed this little place called les Trois Chocolats. It has Japanese desserts. I didn’t try one but aren’t they beautiful?

I was in the Marais on a Saturday. This is Rue des Rosiers, a popular street for falafel. The most famous one, painted a bright green, is closed on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath, but all of the others were open for business. As you can see, falafels are very popular. You can get them to go, as these people were doing, or pay a bit more and sit inside.

This one claims to be the best of the street. Who knows? I ate at another place and had a chicken curry falafel, pretty good but very messy. I’m glad I had a plate and was sitting down.

I ended up in the gorgeous Place des Vosges. I’d love the see the interior of one of these some day. Sometimes they do filming in one.

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  1. Victor Huho’s House in the Place does Vosges, have you been in it? Of course, not all of the rooms are open to the public, but I still enjoyed it very much.

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