A Walk

I do a lot of walking in Paris. It’s the best way to see a city I think. On this day I took an Internet friend, Susan, and her husband around the Marais. They both like photography and this area of Paris is full of photo ops.

Rain was in the forecast  but we never got any as you can see by the blue sky and light.

An ancient sculpted sign advertising a business that was luckily not covered up.

This painted door has been in the Village Saint Paul for years. I’m so glad it has escaped graffiti damage. It was one of the first things to catch my eye when I walked in the Marais many years ago.

You can find this little antique shop on a small street outside the Village Saint Paul.

The shop had a little cat on the premises which got outside to drink water from the street. Why drink clean water from a bowl when you can get it in a dirty gutter? My cat was the same, drinking water from my plants rather than from his water dish.

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