Architecture in Paris

I love roaming around looking at architecture in Paris, as long as it isn’t something from the 60’s or 70’s. It’s art to me. Here are photos of a variety of places in Paris.

Last year a friend and I got the door code to a very unusual courtyard. At the time there was a lot of renovation going on but this time, as you can see, the courtyard was serene and beautiful.

This is what I like about it. I do wonder what the rooms are like in this building-are the walls curved? One day I hope to find out.

Walking down the hill from Montmartre in the 9th arrondissement is this beautiful building which turns out to be the fire station in this area. I wonder what it was before the firemen took it over?

This probably lights up when the fire trucks are coming out for a fire.

Across the street was this lovely theatre.

The happy red of this place caught my eye. There were red blankets on the chairs too in case you get cold.