Sand, Sea and Sun

Meanwhile, back at our beach place after our visit to England, we’ve had some magnificent skies. None of these photos has been retouched. The colors are real.

Interesting clouds and a great blue sky.

A forbidding sky one morning but it never rained. The tide is out so that is what is left behind when the water recedes.

The same dark sky with the sun behind me shining on some beach vegetation.

A nice sunset. Hot weather was on the way and I think it shows in the sky.

This cloud caught my eye. I liked the pink but especially the markings-it looks like a fish or a snake.

I don’t think I’ve seen the water sparkling like this before.

Another giant jelly fish left behind by the receding tide. It looks like an alien a bit.

The 80’s

This weekend in our village, Chatelaillon, is a little themed celebration with costumes, food and music. Every year is a different theme and this year it is the 80’s. It seemed a lot like the 60’s to me but it was fun to wander up the street and see people having fun. I have to say that France is really great for festivals. They are everywhere, especially in the Summer.

There was a Notre Dame, which doesn’t have a thing to do with the 80’s unless they mean the 1880’s. There was a little Quasimodo too.

The Cotton Club with flappers. There was even a guy dressed as one. I’m guessing there will be music and drinks tonight.

A Jamaican place with Bab Marley on the front. I associate him with the 70’s. Did you know he died at the age of 32 from melanoma? He certainly did influence the music scene in his day.

Aren’t these two cute? I guess their outfits are from the 80’s. I think I might have a few things left in my closet from then.

Various musical instruments lined the streets. The stage to the right looked right out of the 60’s to me too.

Music, Sunsets, and a Goat

Another few uneventful days. I’m not always doing things like hiking the Camino de Santiago. We do have a quick trip coming up on Monday so there’s that.

 Some nice light on a little beach shack/bathroom and walkway to the water.

I saw this couple walking this goat, along with their dog, last year and wondered who in the world would walk a goat. I had questions like did they let it in the house, did it eat their curtains, was the landscaping destroyed? I finally saw the goat a second time and this time I had my iPhone and took this rather bad photo from across the street into the sun. I didn’t think anyone would believe it. I put this photo up on Instagram and a lady who actually owns a farm told me that goats can be very dog-like. I had no idea. I remember once that my ex got a friend a surprise goat as a really badbirthday present saying, “Goats will eat anything, even the net going across tennis courts”, which this guy had. I never found out what happened with the goat afterwards but was told that goats won’t eat everything, maybe just flowers. Anyway, I am still enchanted with a goat you can take for a walk.

 Wednesday, the day of Summer Solstice and in France, and other parts of Europe, music is found all over the place. Even our little village had four or five bands playing. I liked this sign in our local boulangerie toting it.

We rode our bikes down to a restaurant which had a band playing and Maurice ordered ice cream and I got a pina colada which turned out to be huge and we watched the sun set while a band played old jazz.

Pretty good sunset too.


It has been really hot in France the last couple of days-95 degrees-too hot to be out except in the early morning. One night I slept with the ceiling fan on along with a floor fan. I hate it when the sheets are hot. We don’t have air conditioning here. We usually don’t need it. We just open windows on either side of our apartment, turn on the ceiling fans and we are comfortable. With the heat came a strange invasion of flying bugs, mostly gnat sized. They were all over my floor so I vacuumed them up and by the afternoon my floor looked the same as it had earlier. There was also a ton of lady bugs flying in the air, landing on our windows and terrace. I don’t know if it was the heat that caused this or if it was one of those mating things. Well,  I survived and the temperature dropped ten degrees  and I have some photos, not of bugs, but around our village.

There are lots of walls and doors along the beach for, I’m sure, privacy. I always take a look when a door happens to be open. This looks like a neat yard.

Not the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen. I saw this same dog last year. It looks over the fence, not barking, not interested in people. I think it’s looking for other dogs. It looks like it is getting gray.

The markets here have lots of fresh food like this mountain of green beans. I always think it’s nice to see them this way instead of wrapped in plastic..

An unusual sunset the other night. I try to look at each one every evening.

Favorite Village

Every year TV channel France 2 has a contest in France for the Village Préféré, or favorite village, in France. I hadn’t heard of most of those voted on except for Lourmarin, a beautiful place in Provence, and Kaysersberg which is the village that won this year. We were in Alsace last December and Kaysersberg was one of the places we visited and it was, as you might expect, very charming. It is also the birthplace of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Here are some photos I took while there.

As you can see, it was very colorful.

 One of the symbols of Alsace with the costumes seen in the area during celebrations.

A pretty arch.

The stunning architecture, German in style. Alsace has been German in its past.

As you can see, we were there near Christmas. Decorations were everywhere.

Another beautiful building.

The Leftovers

There was a TV series recently called The Leftovers having something to do with many people disappearing and the remaining population are the leftovers not sure why they were left behind. I never watched it as I am not a fan of most science fiction or anything creepy. So this post has nothing to do with that, it is just some photos I didn’t use on previous posts. Nothing exciting or different has happened here. We get out and walk every day, eat lunch, read, watch TV, nothing worthy of photos mostly so here are some leftovers:

I’m always taken by these type of “homemade” harbors, nothing fancy, no yachts, just mostly the boats of local fishermen.

Isn’t this a cute sign? It was a closed shop-until June 15- in Talmont-sur-Gironde. I think it is basically a gift shop.

A typical little house near our place. I just liked the blue trim and the yellow flowers.

A nice looking, and tasty, dessert served to us the other day by a nice French couple that we know here in our village. They sold their place in Paris to live here full time. I personally don’t like this place in the winter. The cold and the wind get me down but they love it plus they have a ton of friends and play bridge and mahjong several times a week. The husband is also in a photography club with twenty other people and they go out all day, take photos, develop them and then share them. Sometimes I am envious of their active lives and activities but I think I must be an introvert because, although I like being with people, I also enjoy being alone or just with Maurice. The idea of being in clubs and going several times a week exhausts me. We are happy as we are and I guess nothing is wrong with us-as far as we know.