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I find it hard to believe that December is half over and that the shortest day of the year is almost here. I always look forward to that day because I love longer days with more sunshine and time to be outside. One new thing for me is that I tried out an exercise club near us for one month. Last year I tried the Club Med club which was really excellent and, as you might imagine, more expensive. During my time there I never met or talked to one person. At this new club everyone is very friendly and I now have at least some acquaintances, people who say hello and goodbye and even carry on a conversation or two. Believe me, that is totally new to me. The only thing is, I don’t like the exercise classes as much. The teachers are nice but there seems to be more behind what is taught at Club Med, plus the classes last a full hour not the 40 minutes at this new place. We are going out of town for Christmas and I will be starting again when we return. I have to. I have found I will only show up each day if I am paying for it. If I tell myself that I am going out and run, half the time I won’t. What to do?

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who is from Belgium made us this dish of endives and ham. She said it originates in Belgium although the French have claimed it as their own along with French fries. I read that Belgium is trying to get first claims to originating French fries. Anyway, this was a great dish and it turned out to be pretty easy. First you brown the endives in butter, then add water and let them cook until tender (either stove top or in the oven), let them cool, wrap in ham and cover with Béchamel sauce, a milk based sauce, then top with cheese and bake for thirty minutes. I cheated and used store bought béchamel which is much smoother than what I make. It’s too bad endive is so expensive in the States. I guess you could do this with asparagus.

Maurice and I went into the George V hotel for a look at their Christmas decorations. As I recall, they had the same thing last year but, as always, it’s very beautiful.

This was out in the courtyard where breakfast is served in the summer.

Every once in a while we splurge on something as we did here at the bar in the George V. The drinks aren’t cheap but it is such a pleasure to sit in a dark and elegant bar drinking a special cocktail, mine was a glog since it was chilly outside, and I ate a huge amount of gourmet nuts and olives.

I asked for plain water from the tap not wanting to pay for a bottle of water but the waiter brought a little bottle of Evian over anyway and said it was “Château-la-Pompe”, a fancy way of saying tap water. They didn’t charge us for it at any rate.

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  1. When you make endives, just add a few drops of water before simmering and keep an eye on it. It cannot get too dry but you do not want to much water in there.
    My mom sometimes made this dish with leeks of tender celery branches. At any rate it is easy. Best if served with mashed potatoes or French fries.

  2. Your endives look delicious! I used to make endives like that often — a favorite of my husband’s. But I got lazy about making the bechamel sauce…maybe I should try a ready-made version.

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