Colorful Street

A short walk from the Gare de Lyon is the colourful rue Cremieux, very popular on Instagram. In fact, we met four girls while there who were taking photos for Instagram. We joined them.

On the way there we passed this entrance to a hotel. There was another typical  hotel entrance next to it. I don’t know where this door goes to. I liked the painted trees there. One of the pipes isn’t real either but painted to look like the actual one, Trompe l’oeil as the French say.

Here we are at colourful Rue Cremieux and look!!! Blue sky! I’ve posted on this street before but here you are again.

A little wysteria even when it isn’t the season for it.

Painted bird with shadow, window too.

Jumping cat. I don’t know who came up with the idea to paint the exteriors but I do like it.




Back in Paris

It seemed strange for a little while to be back in Paris after our wonderful month in Venice. The traffic sounds loud, the streets don’t seem as clean and there is just much more going on. But, hey, it’s Paris. I’m sure I’ll adjust.

Paris, and most of the rest of Europe got snow. This photo was taken from a doctor’s office.

This gives you an idea of just how much snow fell.

When we got back there was no food in our refrigerator, in fact, our refrigerator had stopped working and we had to buy a new one after only six years. So we headed out to a café in our neighbourhood which has this really great floor.

Maurice ordered this lamb dish. Doesn’t it look good? He really liked it.

A man working there was madly shucking oysters. I never saw him not doing so.

We went for a walk afterwards. I was really taken by the light.


Paris can be very colorful.

Flowers for sale, always tempting.

Many metro stops are colorful. This is Gare de Lyon.

Vegetables loaded with color. That’s lavender cauliflower right past the zucchini.

Olives for sale over a beautiful floor.


We are in Venice and not only that, we are here for a month! We are sharing an apartment with a friend and have all sorts of plans.

We didn’t get into Venice until after sundown so arrived in the dark, something new to me. I have to admit that I like going along the canals in the day time best but it was still lovely.

Behind our place is this private palazzo and they occassionally have parties there with these purple lights. I wonder if I could ever get an invitation despite my lack of Italian?

I love seeing windows lit up at night and these are especially nice.

There is a little bar next to our place that we really like so we went there as soon as we unloaded our suitcases for a spritz cocktail, very popular in Italy.

The bar has new ownership and a new bartender who was a showman, flipping things around and pouring from on high. We were told that he is one of the best bartenders in Venice.

Worth Another Visit

I met a friend at Gare de Lyon and since we were there we decided to have tea at the gorgeous Train Bleu.

As you can see, they were set up for lunch.

There are paintings high above of locations which trains from Gare de Lyon go. This one was Cassis. I wouldn’t mind being on a train headed there. It really is beautiful.

Our tea. We had the chai tea and it came with milk in it.

A side room for dining.

These were for sale there. Maybe I need some opera glasses trimmed in rhinestones.

After Lunch

After lunch which was on Rue du Bac we strolled down the street.

Here was a skirt made of folded newspaper in a rather upscale shop. I have no idea why.

We went into Deyrolle which is famous for its stuffed animals. Before they had zoos, stuffed animals were the way people saw wild animals. The animals here are said to be found dead, not killed. This photo is of the downstairs where they sell gardening objects and books and it’s called le Prince Jardiner.

They use these animals for photo shoots, movies and, I hear, big parties. Maybe I could rent one for my next party.

They have narrow drawers full of fossils, bugs and butterflies.

Even a giraffe!