That Time of Year

We have passed the shortest day of the year and are heading towards Christmas (and then a new year!). Here are a few photos taken this last week.

I’m one of those people who wake up early. Sometimes I can make it until 8 AM but 6 or 7 are more common. I am often helped with my early rising by the “alarm clock” of the toddler upstairs running down the hall to, I’m guessing, wake up his parents. Our apartments are not very sound proof. Anyway, one morning I got up and looked out the kitchen window and saw that two other people were up early too.

This time of year these little cakes appear, bûche de Noël, little “logs” symbolising the real yule logs burned on the shortest day-at least in the past-of the year to bring good luck (and probably a little thanks that the days would start getting longer).

Roses for sale at a market.

It’s very common at markets to see these giant squash for sale. I often buy a wedge and make soup with it.

There is a covered market at the Aligre market that I like. It was the first market I went to with Maurice after we moved here. It is open every day but Monday.

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you from Phoenix. We are loving it here. We once lived near a French pastry chef who baked the most wonderful bûche de Noël. I would love to have one now. Susan

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