There is a museum in Paris, the Palais Galliera, which is a fashion museum showing mostly historical types of fashion. The last time I was here I saw clothing by Lanvin. This time it was about the clothing of la Comtesse Greffulhe, who was a well known Parisian at the end of the 1800’s, known for her fashion sense and her support of artists and musicians. Her clothes were fabulous, very rich and beautiful. I liked them best when they were long and with trains. I wasn’t as impressed when her clothing entered the roaring 20’s.

As I headed toward the museum I noticed this statue of George Washington. I don’t even know if he ever made it to Paris. Sort of surprising to see him.

This is the front of the Palais Galleria.

You can see that it is near the Eiffel Tower.

No photos allowed but I got two before I realised. These were some of her many fans and gloves. She had really beautiful shoes too.

A look at some of her dresses. I liked the ones by Lanvin the best, full of texture and designs. I saw a document that she wrote detailing what she wanted to be buried in. There were also photos and you could see that she had a really small waist, maybe 19 inches or so.
I am very unfashionable but I enjoy seeing those who were, or are.

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  1. I love the Galliera. I brought my granddaughter to see the Lanvin exhibition this past summer, and got her a fashion book afterward. I’d already seen the exhibition and I knew she’d enjoy seeing the lavish haute couture clothes up close. She sewed clothes for her dolls when she was still playing with them.

    Afterward, we shared a snack on a bench in the lovely garden outside. So it was a truly fabulous day and a great memory for both of us. I hope to go back this fall, it’s such an elegant place.

  2. Il you read french, you should read “La comtesse Greffulhe – L’ombre des Guermantes”, countess’s biography par Laure Hillerin (Flammarion, 24€). A fascinating book, about a fascinating woman, queen of La Belle Epoque and model of Proust’s Duchesse de Guermantes – and others figures of the novel. A very intersting part is devoted to Proust in this book, and give us a new sight on In Search of Lost Time.
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  3. I haven’t heard of this museum before but it sounds like it would be worth a visit. Thanks for the info and glad you got the inside photos before you realized you weren’t allowed.

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