Winter Beach

Maurice and I made a quick trip to our beach place. Things are pretty dead there in the winter but it was a nice break. (This was before Christmas).

The local church was prettily lit.

A little jazz band was there playing Christmas music.

The Wednesday market was small compared to summer but the florist was still there.

I had a good seafood salad with a tropical twist.

There had been a big storm the week before we arrived and sand was piled up along the beaches. Some of this is protected sand dunes and I’m wondering if they will clear away some of the sand or leave it.

Another beach view. The fences are almost totally covered.

A little of the music that I recorded.


Maurice and I try to walk just about every day. Here are some things I’ve seen since we got back to our beach place.

I love seeing red poppies in the Spring. I usee to see a lot more in Provence, fields of them, and maybe I will find a field full of poppies (coquelicot in French) here but, in the meantime, one or two brighten my day.

Friday is the big market day in our village. We bought some fish for lunch. I always like looking at all of the varieties and the lovely patterens you see.

Paella to go.

Roasted chicken for sale. I don’t buy it if it’s been sitting as it isn’t juicy enough for me.

 Maurice and I kept seeing hikers here and there in France doing the famous Camino de Santiago, also known as Saint James way. It is the name of pilgrimage routes to the shrine of James, the Apostle in northwestern Spain. Many follow the routes as a form of spiritual growth and the path goes through many towns with churches or cathedrals where pilgrims often spent the night. It is one of the most important Christian pilgrimages done and is now on the UNESCO list as a world heritage site. It is done by the religious or by those who love to hike or just for the challenge. All of this to inform you that Maurice and I are doing a small portion of it, the part seen on the map starting at Air-sur-l’Adour almost all the way to Spain at St-Jean-de-Port. If you have seen the movie, The Way, this is where the journey starts by a father whose son died on The Way.  It’s a pretty good movie and gives you an idea of what it is like. So, we are using a company that will take our suitcase to each stop so we don’t have to carry everything in a backpack. Some of the days will be really long and I hope we are in good enough shape to do it. I guess, if we are near a road or highway we can call for a taxi. We will see. I’m hoping our daily walks will make it easier. I will write about it of course when we return. You can follow me on Instagram at Linda Pennington-Mathieu or on Facebook at Linda Mathieu where it will be mostly in real time.

Back at the Beach

 We have arrived at our beach place ready to see what summer has in store for us.

We arrived at the la Rochelle train station which looks very castle like. Our trip is a little over three hours from Paris.

Our very first night I ran out to the beach to get some photos as the sun set. I love the sun shining through the beach fence.

The sunset through the fence.

And, finally, the sunset. They usually aren’t this spectacular in the Spring as I recall. There is no filter with this photo either, this is just how it looked, filling our living room with scarlet light.

This and That at the Beach

Some places and things seen around here at the beach.

IMG_1161[1] A God’s Eye sunset.

IMG_1252[1] A very heavily decorated house near us. Shells and driftwood figures all of the place but I liked it.

IMG_1170[1] Sunrise, beach fence, sand and water.

IMG_1187[1] I bought a bouquet of these roses at our market. They may be what is call Japanese roses, I’m not sure.

IMG_1256[1] A cocktail on the terrace as the sun goes down.

IMG_1260[1] Some fruity ice tea at a new tea and coffee place on rue de Marche. Not enough ice-there never is in France-but very refreshing.


Ars, a little village on Ile de Re, is on many lists as one of the most beautiful villages in France. It has lots of charming little shops. We found a small parking lot for the car and when we were ready to leave couldn’t find it again, despite it being small village. It had gotten very hot, almost 100 degrees, and trudging around in the heat wasn’t the most fun thing. We had to go back to the church where we went first and figure out our route. We finally started recognizing some shops and I then saw the name of a street that I had somehow retained the name of and found our hot as an oven car.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (2)A flower arrangement seen on a wall as we walked around.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (3) One of these days I want to go see the famous salt production place. I suspect the workers won’t be dressed like this. Many people became very wealthy in Ars by selling salt.


The unusual church steeple in Ars  used by sailors for guidance when at sea.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (5) I always stop into the hotel le Senechal as I love the interior.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (6)

Nicely decorated corner.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (7)

I loved this poster for a jazz festival on Ile de Re. I’m trying to find a way to get a copy.