la Defense

I don’t get up to la Defense very often. It’s a long way for one thing, at the very end of metro line 1, and it’s sort of barren to me in many ways. There are tons of buildings and people but it still has an empty feeling. Maurice’s dentist is here and he makes the trek to see him.

The Grande Arch, which lines up exactly with the Arch de Triumph a long way down the way. I went up in it once and couldn’t believe that you didn’t get a jaw dropping view. What were they thinking?

There are all sorts of art there including this giant thumb.

Statue, as you can see.


One of the many tall buildings there. It’s a huge business center. In fact, Maurice once had an office here when he worked for IBM.

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  1. I just want to know why the thumb is there. It seems kind of intimidating, like “under my thumb.” I suppose it could be a thumbs up.
    I haven’t ever visited this area of Paris

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