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While I was in Paris I made a trip to the Picasso Museum. I visited years ago when I first moved to Paris. It was closed for years for a renovation and I wanted to visit but the long lines the first week kept me away. I tried again a few months later but upon arriving at 10am found it wouldn’t be open until 11. It now opens at 9:30. So, on a rainy morning I tried again and got in. I’ve read that the setup of the collection is controversial and rather confusing and that there are many small rooms and dead ends with the art rather mixed up. I enjoyed strolling around myself. I especially enjoyed the architecture of the old section. I’m not a huge fan of Picasso. He seems to be a misogynist to be with an obsession with women’s breasts but I have to say that the written explanations on the walls around the museum gave me an appreciation of all he did. His early work before he started taking everything apart and sort of throwing it on canvas is interesting to see. He was very prolific and tried just about every medium available. Interestingly, he applied for French citizenship in 1940 but was turned down because he was a friend of an anarchist. I also read that he and a friend once stole two sculpted heads from the Louvre but returned them when the Mono Lisa was stolen. He lived in France with his Spanish passport for the rest of his life vowing not to return to Spain while Franco was in power.


IMG_1116[1] I saw this on a wall in the Marais near the Picasso Museum. I think it’s of Picasso. He always wore the French blue and white sweater. They are sold in the Museum shop for 80 Euros.

A lovely staircase.

I thought this was so beautiful.

Sort of a typical sculpture.

He didn’t do many landscapes. This one caught my eye because it was of a place called Royan which Maurice and I had just visited. He was inspired by Cezanne and they had a personal relationship. There is, in fact, one of Cezanne’s painting from Picasso’s personal collection, there in the museum. I have to say that I much prefer Cezanne.

A video I took of some metal sculptures by Picasso.

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  1. In the Picasso Museum, I saw a woman standing stock still before one work. She was clearly moved. Then a guy came up, saying angrily, “There you are! You’re still HERE? Let’s go!”

  2. Linda, I look the new look of your blog and loved visiting the PIcasso Museum with you. There’s a Picasso exhibit here in Columbus that my husband and I went to. It focuses on the years of World War I. It was fascinating and included a lot of more traditional paintings he had done before, or maybe after, he had moved on to cubism. There were even costumes from an opera where he designed the stage and costumes.
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. The building is wonderful. Like you, I never have cared much for Picasso. However, I find that I rather like the painting of Royan. We saw his monumental painting, Guernica, when we were in Spain a couple of years ago. It is a powerful social commentary but I guess the art itself is a bit too sophisticated for my plebeian taste.

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