I am writing this post on November 14th. I don’t know when it will be posted. I tend to save posts when I have enough material and photos. In this case, I see signs of Autumn and, even, a few signs of Halloween, now past. Windows tend to be decorated according to the season.


Doesn’t this look like Autumn? It was outside of a vegetable and fruit store on Rue du Buci.


Then I saw this newspaper shop also on rue du Buci and look at those windows! They’ve started with Christmas decorations early.


img_2263 Then I passed a flower shop near Parc Monceau and the window was full of Christmas items for sale, sort of like in the States.

img_2290 This is rather elegant and it is still what I consider Autumnal colors although, without a doubt, Christmas decorations.

img_2291 And trees made of feathers.

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  1. I especially love the Eiffel Tower with the people in front of it. We have a tree (8 inches tall) made out of oyster shells and we keep it out all year round. I would do the same with one of those feather trees.

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