Mostly People

This could be called This and That but I was trying for a change. I was in the Left Bank area on this day which started out with sun but ended with rain.

img_1962 A favorite lamp post.

img_1958 A sweet little girl with a cute hairdo.

img_1942 An elegantly dressed French woman with phone and cigarette-very typical in Paris.

img_1939 I don’t know the story on this guy. I’m pretty sure I saw him on the metro a couple of years ago wearing a huge pair of glasses. I guess he likes being looked at.

img_1968 There was a very heavy rain but with a bit of sun to brighten the Saint Germain des Res church.

img_1970 Sunlight and rain can make for dramatic light in a city.

Inside Job

There is a red door on a little street on the Left Bank that has a special interior. A friend and I were sitting across the street a few years ago and saw a tour group enter and leave. When we asked the waiter about what was inside he gave us the code to get in. I’ve shown photos before of the circular  courtyard and how I wonder how the rooms are shaped that face the courtyard. My friend and I decided to enter as we passed and this time, a man was also entering and he let us into the courtyard which is usually blocked by a gate. We were there in the right place at the right time.

img_1594 Looking up from the courtyard.

img_1600 The gate that usually bars the way.

img_1595 As you can see, the angel has lost its wing being exposed to the weather.

img_1597 There wasn’t an elevator and the man who let up in climbed these stairs to the top, six floors.

img_1602 Nearby was this pretty oval window.

Best Deal in Town

There is a pharmacy on the Left Bank, Rue du Four to be exact (#26) which is said to have the best prices in town-not in medications but in items that mostly women like such as skin care products, shampoo, that sort of thing.

img_1585 Here’s the nondescript exterior. See all of those people? It was just packed, and always is, and it’s so hot inside with tons of people, narrow aisles, employees stocking shelves, it’s crazy. They do seem to have good prices so if I am nearby I will go in. I went in specifically for vitamins this time.

img_1584 This little guy was hanging out as his owner shopped.

img_1586 The tiny entrance to this boutique hotel always interests me. I’ve never managed to get inside but I’d love to.

img_1590 Love the colors.

How moving is often done in Paris if you don’t live on the ground floor-or some guys carry things up and down stairs.

Fall Has Arrived.

image We found that the beginnings of Fall were in Paris. This is right by the metro stop near to our apartment.


Always happy to catch a sight of Saint Sulpice in the sun.

img_1577 I love this fountain in front of the church.

img_1579 The Repetto store had an interesting window this time with the shoes actually worn by ballerinas. This pair were really worn and sort of sweaty. Plus, she put turkey filets in her shoes for foot pain??? Is this a dancer thing? I have no idea.

Back to the Left Bank

Love to walk around the Left Bank area of Paris. It is endlessly fascinating.

img_1571 Seen on the exterior of a shop selling glasses.

img_1572 A colourful little grocery store.

img_1573 This arch caught my attention. I think it used to be one of those high entrances into a courtyard. I’m just surprised it wasn’t plastered over.

img_1574 I wonder how they do these photo graffitis?

This and That

This is a posting I wrote before we left for our beach place in Chatelaillon. We totally missed the flooding in Paris although we did have to rearrange our train scedule due to the strikes. Keep Paris in your thoughts. Beauty is there along with some hard times.

A few more things I saw while exploring the Left Bank.

Red always catches my eye.

A lovely tree with purple flowers.

A nice place to eat.

More red on Rue de Buci.

Look at this fabulous vegetable display!

Love the display of tomatoes too-more red.