Beach Life

Here are some photos of our last days at our beach place before heading back to Paris. Usually we stay until October but this year we are heading to the States. I always miss our apartment when we leave, especially the light and the view of the ocean.

A bride and groom on the path which leads to a fishing house. I was wondering why the photographer had them show their feet. I see photographers and couples all of the time around the beach. The other day there was a very pregnant bride and she was wearing a bikini of sorts. Some of the photos had her in a veil, others just the bikini. It was a chilly day and I bet her teeth were chattering. I wanted to get down to the beach for a photo but didn’t make it in time.

The lovely Cafe de la Paix in la Rochelle. So cool and restful, a feeling of times gone by.

A door knocker on what appeared to be an empty apartment. You can see that the mail slot is stuffed with advertisements. There was grafitti on the door too.

I spotted these mushrooms for sale at a market. Always a sign that Autumn is around the corner.

Another door knocker, more unusual than most.

I’m so glad we live near beautiful la Rochelle. It’s always a pleasure to go there for any reason and walk the narrow streets, marvel at the architecture, or gaze at the unique harbor, the entrance having a tower on either side. Sometimes we go by car which is a 20 minute drive, sometimes the little local train taking 10 minutes or there is a bus which makes many stops and winds around here and there before finally arriving in the heart of la Rochelle. The last time I took the bus I was seated with a few other people just enjoying the view when two classes of children boarded. There were probably 40 of them. They sat in the available seats and some sat on the floor on the side in the standing area. They were so noisy and full of energy and happiness at their excursion and fun to watch but, oh how nice when they got off. After a day in la Rochelle I boarded the bus again to go home and would you believe that the very same group of kids got on the bus again? What are the chances?

Buildings like this are on just about every corner.

Here’s the entrance to the lovely harbor.

I went into a church to find the sun shining through the stained glass window. Now that summer is just about gone, the sun has come out after days of clouds and the temperatures are rising. This often happens in France in September.

There was a little niche in the church with a small statue of Saint Rita and it was surrounded by little folded pieces of paper with prayers written on them. I’ve seen books laid out before for prayers and requests to Saints or Mary, but never this. I thought it was sweet.

There’s a really great market in la Rochelle too. This building is part of the covered section. There were all sorts of little caf├ęs and bars in the area too. I think I’ll go there for a change next time we need to shop.

I met up with family for lunch and liked the umbrellas reflected in my friend’s sunglasses.

Had company all week and have been a bit out of commission but did take two photos are the very small market at les Boucholeurs right up the beach from us.

I was surprised to see colored radishes, other than red.

And I’m not sure if I’ve seen bell peppers in these colors either-white, purple and lilac.

I am seeing more and more jellyfish washed up on the shore of our beach and have read that they are increasing in numbers all over the world, so much so that they are causing damage to places like nuclear plants, sinking ships that try to pull them up in nets and consuming fish in huge numbers. The increase is said to be due to the warming of the ocean waters and pollution. Once, years ago in the Caribbean, the water was full of pink jellyfish and I would get small stings where they brushed up against me. Of course, there are serious jellyfish that can kill you and even almost microscopic ones in the waters of Australia that can kill you in four minutes. Everyone thinks it’s a heart attack because they can’t see anything. Who knew, right?

Isn’t this scary? Looks like an alien of some sort. Maurice often goes out into the water after jogging to cool down but I don’t thin I want to after seeing this. Who knows what’s out there? Probably sharks too which also seem to be increasing along coastlines.

I’m sure this is the same kind of jellyfish but smaller and you can’t see the tentacles. I just liked that blue color.

And look at this design on one of them. Nature can be amazing.

We got a kite to entertain kids when they are here but mostly they drift off to play in the sand if they are too young to understand how to fly a kite. This is Maurice flying the kite. My Iphone just wouldn’t take the image quickly enough to get the kite in the photo as it was moving very quickly back and forth, up and down.

So I was going to try and get a photo from the other side when it came down hard right in front of me. I sort of like the perspective anyway.

I don’t have much to post today but I did get a photo of a nice sunset and that big moon.

I think clouds always add so much to sunsets. We’ve been having rain this week so get clouds just about every day.

The moon which is larger right now because it is at its closest to the earth and is supposed to be spectacular as it comes up over the horizon. I wish it had come up over the sea, that would have been cool, but instead it was on the other side of our apartment. Because of those clouds I didn’t see it come up but decided to have one more look before going to bed and it came out from behind the clouds. The moon itself doesn’t look that much larger but I sure do like what its light did to those clouds. When I got up this morning, there is was again going down “into” the ocean but, being a day moon by now, it was pretty washed out.

I love to walk around in our little village and find new streets that I haven’t noticed before.

These vines are blooming everywhere right now. I used to see them in Provence too.

Did a macro of one of the flowers which made it look lit up from within.

I found a little cottage with the yard decorated in a nautical style and full of interesting things. This was the top of the gate with found debris from the sea glued to the top. The light was funny so I didn’t get as good a photo as I had hoped. I’d love to see the inside of this place. I bet it’s great with that shabby chic, seaside feel.

This was on the wall in the same yard.

Sweet metal heart on a door.

The name of a very short street where a house with the name, sans nom resides. Most of the older cottages and houses in Chatelaillon have names, often the names of the daughters of the owners. This home must have had a child that died before it was named which is sad.

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